• Metalen dekselvat
Price on demand

The new metal lid drums have a complete opening which can be closed with a lid with stretching ring or in more particular cases with a nut and bolt.
These barrels are ideal for food products (the coated barrels) and chemicals which need a COMPLETELY DETACHABLE LID.

The barrels can be offered with a plain interior if you have products which do not suffer the consequences of a plain interior and vice versa; or with a coated interior for products which need a protected shell, i.e. for food products, paints, glue or water-based chemicals ...

The exterior of the barrels can be painted IN ANY COLOUR and your LOGO can be put on it.

Available finishes

  • Interior: plain or coated
  • Exterior: all colours (even multiple colours per part of the barrel) if you order the minimum ordering quantity
  • Your logo can be put on it

UN approval

  • UN Solid (UN approved for solid matters)
  • UN Liquid (UN approved for liquids)