• Gereconditioneerde IBC
Price on demand

Reconditioning of the IBC's is done by chemically cleansing the interior bag, the pallets and the taps. After drying the IBC's, they are inspected to see whether they are leakproof IBC's that have been chemically cleaned have the same possibilities and options as new IBC's. However, they can no longer be used to store provisions. For provisions and certain chemicals there is an intermediate treatment: The interior bag is then replaced while the exterior casing, the metal frame and the pallet are reused.

Available finisches

  • Lid on top: diameter of 150, 225 or 400mm.
  • Tap at the bottom: 2 or 3 inches with EPDM, Viton or hostaflon fastening, standard cap and outflow.
  • INTERIOR BAG standard: transparent, black or blue.
  • Pallet: wood, synthetic material or metal

UN approval

  • No standard UN quality mark for lids of 400mm
  • UN quality mark for fluids for lids of 150 and 225mm