Price on demand

The plastic jerrycans and drums are blown out of high density polyethylene. Suitable for liquids ranging from food up to chemicals. There are both stackable and non-stackable jerrycans in a finish of 2l up to 5l.

Stackable means that the bottom and the top have notches in order for the drums to fit on to each other without being able to shift. The stackable jerrycans are very solid so they can bear large weights. That is why the stackable drums are fit to transport dangerous products.

Non-stackable jerrycans of 2l up to 5l are mostly used for oils, antifreeze, domestic bleach and other less aggressive liquids

Possible colours

  • Standard: natural and blue
  • On demand: all other colours are possible when you order the minimum production number
  • It is also posssible to get printed bottles

Possible closings

UN Quality mark

  • Stackable drums (all drums from 10l up to 60l): standard UN quality mark for liquids
  • Non-stackable drums: on demand

Minimum ordering volume

  • All goods in stock can be bought by the piece.

Sleeves and prints

There is also the possibility of printing and/or sleeving these bottles, provided the minimum order quantity of 10,000 pieces is respected.