• Ronde emmer met beveiliging
  • Emmer 3L
  • Ronde emmer met beveiliging
  • Emmer 3L
Price on demand

These plastic buckets are piped out of polypropylene (PP) at very high temperatures. They are produced in various types and shapes which cimbined, give them many advantages making them very reliable, durable and easy to use.

The very rigide and conceptual design makes the packaging one of the most client-friendly multi-purpose container at an affordable price.

The latest development to embed a beautiful aspect on the outside is IN MOULD LABELLING  (IML): the label is applied during the piping. The advantage of IML, in comparison to other prints, is that the bucket itself looks MORE BEAUTIFUL and that the label can be applied on the whole of the bucket.

The lids are also offered in a variety of colours giving you the possiblity of branding your product.

These multi-purpose buckets could be used FOR BOTH FOOD AND CHEMICALS (non food). 


  • Standard: white in all measurements, 
  • On demand: all other colours are possible when you order the minimum production number
  • Exterior printings: serigraph, offset or IML


  • Lid with double-lock system
  • Airtight or waterproof lids or with extra space for sealed buckets


  3L      5L      10L     12L

15L     18L      19L     20L


  • All goods in stock could be bought/sold per box.
  • Feel free to contact us if you would like some more information about our round plastic buckets or if you would like an offer.


There is also the possibility of printing and/or sleeving these bottles, provided the minimum order quantity of 10,000 pieces is respected.