• Kunststof dekselvat van gerecycleerde PE
  • Kunststof dekselvat van gerecycleerde PE
Price on demand

Black plastic barrels

These plastic drum are manufactured partly from virgin HDPE with an addition of recycled plastic from the surplus of the internal production process.
The synthetic lid barrels can be easily recycled by reconditioning. Because of this, a large market for reconditioned barrels has emerged. More information: see reconditioned synthetic barrels.
The black drums can be used for provisions and for chemicals.

The barrels can be fitted with a logo trough screen printing. A synthetic sleeve that is drawn over the barrels is also a possibility. These can be easily removed afterwards. 


  • Standard: black
  • Optional: screen print of your logo
  • Black lid with rubber fastening and metal ring


  • Standard UN quality mark for solids