• Blikken conische emmer
  • Blikken conische emmer
  • Blikken conische emmer
  • Blikken conische emmer
Price on demand

The tin conical buckets, pails have a complete opening which can be closed with a lid and a stretching ring or a lip cover. These pails are fit for paints, chemicals, glues ... The lid with stretching ring can easily be opened and reclosed. The lip cover must be closed with a manual or automatic tong.

Inside blank for chemicals, paints, glues ... with a base of solvent or powders.
Exterior blank or white lacquer with or without your logo.
Since the pails are conical and stackable, they can be slid in to each other which will save you a lot of space.


  • Interior: plain or coated
  • Exterior: plain or white lacquer
  • Printing of your logo: only available when ordering the minimum production quantity


  • Lid with rubber closure and stretching ring
  • Lip cover

UN Quality mark

For both types of lids both the UN Solid (UN approved for solid matters) and the UN Liquid (UN approved for liquids) can be offered.

Minimum ordering volume

For all articles in stock small quantities are possible.

Sleeves and prints

There is also the possibility of printing and/or sleeving these bottles, provided the minimum order quantity of 10,000 pieces is respected.