Price on demand

The tinplated conical buckets or containers are equipped with a full opening and can only be closed by using the press-on lid. These buckets offer a cheaper solution and they are also more economical than the standard paint pots. These containers are ideally suited for paints, chemicals, glues, etc ...

The press-on lid is very easy to open and close. The conical shape of the container ensures easy stacking when empty and therefore save considerable storage space. 


  • Interior: plain or coated
  • Exterior: plain or white lacquer
  • Printing of your logo: only available when ordering the minimum production quantity


  • Press-on lid

UN Quality mark

  • with or without UN approved available

Sleeves and prints

There is also the possibility of printing and/or sleeving these bottles, provided the minimum order quantity of 10,000 pieces is respected.