• Inwendig Gecoate Cilindrische verfblikken met deksel
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  • Inwendig Gecoate Cilindrische verfblikken met deksel
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Price on demand

Paint cans, cylindrical boxes of 100ml up to 6l type paint can.

The paint cans with a big opening equipped with TT (Triple Tight), Stacan or PDD (Patent = English closing) closings are very well fit for paints, chemicals, glues ... which need a lid which remains watertight and which can be opened and closed several times.


  • Interior: plain or coated
  • Exterior: plain, white lacquer or with your logo(only available when ordering the minimum production quantity)


  • Ø 56 , 73,75 en 99: Patent lid (PDD) = English closing or air-tight closing
  • Ø 108, 157, 165 en 183 : Triple Tight lid(= American closing)
  • On demand: Stacan lid (= stackable can)

UN Quality mark

  • TT design with clips: 1A2/Y2/S/--/F-BVT 232608
    diameter 165mm
  • TT design with clips: 1A2/Y7/S/--/F-BVT 232610
    diameter 183mm
  • With the addition of a plastic surety ring the following quality marks are valid 
    RID/ADR/OA2/Y7.5/S/--/NL/BL465 or UN/1A2/Y1.4/100/--/NL/BL 475

Minimum ordering volume

For all goods in stock smaller quantities can also be ordered. 
Other measurements can be ordered on demand in large quantities.


There is also the possibility of printing and/or sleeving these bottles, provided the minimum order quantity of 10,000 pieces is respected.