• Half of a wooden cask
From65,00 €each

Half of a wooden cask used as ponds, tubs and flower boxes

The tubs can be sawn in half for different USES IN HOUSE OR GARDEN. For the oak wood Bordeaux casks of 200L, OAK OF SUPERIOR QUALITY is used. It goes without saying that these tubs are also of high quality.

The high quality of these tubs makes sure they will last for decades. However, the tubs do require good maintenance: the tub cannot dry out and the metal ring needs to be taken care of. 

Functions and use

The tubs can be used in several ways. Here are some ideas:

  • Aquarium: available in various measurements and shapes
  • Flower boxes in superior oak wood
  • Decorative element in the garden: easy to relocate
  • Plants that aren't frostproof can be easily relocated during winter
  • Be creative


  • Half of a wooden cask for ponds without handles and without holes in the bottom.
  • Half of a wooden cask for flower boxes with handles and fitted with outflow holes at the bottom


  • Volume: 100L
  • Widest diameter: +/- 68cm
  • Height: +/- 45cm