Deliveries are executed by our own or by an external transporter.
Please mention the desired delivery time or other instructions on your order.
Our chauffeur can deliver the goods without external help.

Collecting your goods at our company is also possible.

Address1: Zeelsebaan, 24 - 9200 Dendermonde.

Address2: Zevensterrestraat,7 - 9240 Zele

Address3: Inudstriestraat, 43 - 9240 Zele

Address4: Conservenweg, 10E - 2940 Stabroek

Opening hours: Mo-Thur 8-12 and 12.30-16.30 Fri 8.12 and 12.30-14
Delivery possible 5 days before till 1 day after on the order confirmation.
New orders by email: [email protected]
All invoiced pallets can be returned and will be credited.