• Aluminium fles 0.125L
  • Aluminium fles 0.125L
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  • chemical, pharmaceutical and physosanitary products
  • perfume bottles

Mechanical advantages

  • light material
  • shock and scratch proof
  • easily transportable and made compact

Chemical advantages

  • optimal preservation of taste and colour
  • perfect barrier for gases and liquids
  • preservation of stability of the active components

Complete recycling

  • easy and compact transport
  • high economical value residue waste
  • only 5% of the initial energy needed in case of complete recycling
  • preservation of mechanical and chemical advantages after recycling

Possible finishings

  • Interior: blank or coated
  • Exterior: blank

Possible closings

Plastic screw tap with plus in 3 different measurements.

  • Plus 32: female thread of the cap = 32mm; mouth opening of the bottle = 24mm
  • Plus 45: female thread of the cap = 45mm; mouth opening of the bottle = 28 mm
  • Plus 62: female thread of the cap = 62mm; mouth opening of the bottle = 46mm

UN quality mark

UN Liquid (UN qualified for liquids)

Minimum ordering volume

  • Aluminium bottles and pots with another model can also be ordered but you have to take into account the minimum production volume
  • For all goods in stock there are no minimum quantities.